Michelle Williams Talks About New LP And ‘Aida’

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In an interview with MTV News, Destiny’s Child singer talks candidly about ‘Do You Know?’, the follow-up to her debut album. Williams said unlike her debut gospel LP, ‘Heart to Yours’, her new disc’s content will be more on the secular side. She expects some of her gospel fans to be a little upset, but Williams said she just wanted to “keep it real” on wax. Regarding her upcoming role in the Broadway production ‘Aida’, Williams said, “I am kinda nervous because [that role has been played by] artists like Heather Headley, who’s such a strong vocalist and a strong actress. [Now it’s like] Are people gonna accept this R&B star on Broadway?’,” she added. “I kinda gotta put all that behind me. I’m here for a reason. If [the producers] didn’t want me here, I wouldn’t be here. I kinda put all that aside to do my very best.” Read more.

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