Mindless Behavior Discuss Bieber & Music Video Love Interests

Mindless Behavior and a city skyline

Roc Royal, Princeton, Prodigy and Ray Ray of recently paid a visit to Radio Disney, where Popstar! magazine got a chance to talk with the young R&B group about where they listened to ‘My Girl’ on the radio the first time, opening for Justin Bieber, advice the Canadian pop singer offered them, a dream pet, and their ideal video love interests. The answer to the last question included Demi Lovato, Imani Hakim, Keke Palmer and Willow Smith. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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7 thoughts on “Mindless Behavior Discuss Bieber & Music Video Love Interests

  1. lakyra says:

    I love you I’m Mindless baby I’m 13

  2. Regain says:

    I love Mindless Behavior and mostly Prodigy. I listen to all your songs :)

  3. ailene says:

    I love Mindless Behavior they’re all great right now I’m trying to find their CD I mean is sold out everywhere and I’m trying to find Princeton’s face still sold out I can’t even get a poster of em well whatever I love all of them I don’t like picking favorites but to me Princeton is the one that really stand up to me love y’all 1-4-3 ;)

  4. sharmain says:


  5. leilani says:

    love you Prodigy and Ray Ray y’all so sexy

  6. Fleezy says:

    ROC, mary me….I Love you….

  7. zoey says:

    prodigy i like u so much bt dnt love u bt u look lyk a kool person

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