Mindless Behavior Skip Autograph Session Over Safety Concerns

Mindless Behavior

recently skipped out on an autograph session at Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland after the fan turnout was too big and for public safety the event was called off. FOX 5’s Lauren DeMarco spoke with some of the kids who went home empty handed, and says parents were demanding refunds after being required to purchase CDs and tickets to accompany their kids to the autograph opportunity.

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31 thoughts on “Mindless Behavior Skip Autograph Session Over Safety Concerns

  1. Jasmine Vaughn says:

    ……. :) 143 ;) …… Jasmine Vee ♥

  2. erica swagger down pack caldwell says:

    Y’all need to come to Charlotte North Carolina were I’m holding it down at Cochrane Collegiate school in 8th grade with my besty Chyna Williams
    we love y’all :-) <3 143

  3. angelica says:

    They are so cute and I wish I could meet them one day. I would love it. I love you Mindless Behavior.

  4. dasia thomas says:

    i love you mindless behavior the heart one i love you guys

  5. da john says:

    you guys are awesome and cool i went to see you’ll in the four row a lot of girl they were staying up.I want you guys to be my brothers

  6. dorothy smith says:

    i love u

  7. #somindlesstete says:

    I love U guys so much ive never came to Ur concert be4 but own Everything dat u have out I luv you guys and wishes you nothing but Da best I hope 1 day we can meet. BTW I DON’T BLAME U AT ALL 4 NOT BEING ABLE 2 SIGN THINGS UR SAFETY COME FIRST

  8. LM says:

    Ray Ray ♥♥♥
    my princ:D love u!…:P xd #1#4#3

  9. LM says:


  10. jalyssa says:

    i love roc

  11. AMBER R says:

    hi i’v never bin to your concert but i love your music and i think you guys are sooo cutt and i like that you guys are so mindless because that makes you u.stay mindless love you MB…..PxD#1#4#3

  12. AMBER R says:

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  13. Amber R says:

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  14. Amber R says:

    hi i’v never bin to your concerts but i love your music and i think your sooo cutt and i like that your so mindless and you should stay that way because that makes ”you” . stay mindless Pxd#1#4#3

  15. Adrian R says:

    you suck roc

  16. Amber R says:

    you are so cutt MB

  17. Adrian R says:

    roc you suck

  18. Amber R says:

    I love MB

  19. Amber R says:

    no wonder thay call you mindless you so act like it.p.s i think pincton is so cutt

  20. Amber R says:

    ray ray is suck a good dancer

  21. Amber R says:

    im not saying any thing but i think protigy looks better with sun glasses but his eyes are nice.i love MB pXD#1#4#3

  22. Amber R says:


  23. ttlove says:

    i love u

    and they came to our school so i saw them

  24. charity Haileysky says:

    u rock ma world

  25. alicia says:

    thtt sucks if i wer the band i wud stay all day juss for my fans!!! buht i understand they cudnt n poor fans out ther stayed ther bout 8 hours n payed money for nothin!:/ tht sucks buht nindles behavior u the best no matter wat!!!u guys r the hottest band of all!!<3

  26. denise says:

    u guys are so sexy omg! i cant wait to meet yall

  27. charmaine says:

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  28. brianna says:

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  29. tatiana says:

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  30. micayla says:

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  31. Raven kelley says:

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