Mishon & Shaun Sloan In The Studio

checked in from the studio with 13-year-old Shaun Sloan, lip-synching and dancing along to a track apparently called ‘Swag For Sale’. Footage at ’s MySpace Video channel has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Mishon & Shaun Sloan In The Studio

  1. renee says:

    um I think this song is hot and I think if that make a video for it its gonna be very hot Mishon and Shaun they sound good together on the song so I think they should make a video for this song that would be great for all of the fans out there supporting Mishon and supporting Shaun.

  2. maiya says:

    Hey I’m about to turn 13 and you are so cute um…. Do you have a girlfriend just asking you. So I think you’re a talented and young artist and that’s what we need (and kiki) yes YOUNGINS TAKING OVER

  3. aliyah says:

    Hey Shaun dhx lyric sister well you may not know me but we got a group name promise that we are trying to get famous off but anyway I’m a big fan and by the way you’re hot. Well hit me up on Facebook peace love you.

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