Missy, Alicia And Gwen Stefani’s Brit Performance At The Brits

I live in the UK so every year I watch the Brits (The UK equivalent of the Grammys) and I’ve got to give it it’s props. This year was the best so far. The artists, winners, nominees and performers were all up to scratch.

But the worst performance given that night was Missy Elliott, and Gwen Stefani singing “Kiss” by Prince.

It’s was horrible. We all know that Alicia and Gwen can sing (damn well) so I wonder just why they came on stage singing so high pitched that they sounded like alley cats on a hot tin roof.

It was impossible to differenciate between whether they were singing in tune or taking the piss out of Prince. It was an earsore and I can’t believe that they did that to Prince’s song.

As if that wasn’t enough Missy comes on the stage out of nowhere rapping a verse from “Pass that Dutch.” I was sitting there watching like What the F…?

I’m not dogging either of the three personally because there is some raw talent there but COME ON. It was a bad idea, it was a bad rendition of the song and it was bad for all three of them.

Here are three of the most talented women in music, making a Prince song, a train wreck to the ear.

In short, it shouldn’t have happened and it shouldn’t have been seen.

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