Monica Questioned Over Boyfriend’s Suicide

WENN reports that the mother of ’s dead boyfriend, Jarvis Weems, says the singer’s story about his suicide doesn’t add up. Tyra Weems said, “I don’t believe my son killed himself. I feel knows a lot more than she’s admitting.” As for the singer’s story that when she got to him he refused to unlock the doors of his car and then shot himself in front of her, Tyra says, “The bullet went in on the right side of his head, but he was left-handed. Why would he use the wrong hand to shoot himself?”

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One thought on “Monica Questioned Over Boyfriend’s Suicide

  1. PriceLess says:

    Sometimes you just have to face the facts. Why do some people question other people’s death. Do not mean any harm but when you’re down and out there’s no telling what you will do. Especially when it’s so bad that you want to kill yourself. I know I wasn’t there but I’m probably sure that he wasn’t thinking about what hand he wanted to use because when you’re depressed there’s no telling what you will do. Sometimes you have to face the facts.

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