Mothers Using Children To Rally For R. Kelly Is Tragic

Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times was steamed after around 50 parents brought their children to rally for at his latest hearing at the Chicago Criminal Courts building earlier this week. Mitchell said, “It is tragic that these mothers used children to show their support of an often raunchy entertainer who is now accused of child pornography.” She added, “I understand the lesson parents are trying to teach when they make their children participate in anti-violence marches and civil rights protests. But as far as I know, Kelly’s civil rights haven’t been violated. The same probably cannot be said for a lot of other men who went through the throng of protesters. Of the hundreds of black men who stood before judges at the courthouse on Wednesday, some of them probably could legitimately claim that they were picked up by mistake, or tricked, or coerced, or even smacked into making a confession.” has since removed the article.

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