Ms Dynamite Felt Shaky While Recording Album

Phil Sutcliffe of the Los Angeles Times profiled UK hip hop acts The Streets (aka Mike Skinner) and , who poured her life and beliefs into lyrics. Melodies flowed. But, as a novice vocalist, she still felt shaky until near the end of the album. “Everything was so new I was afraid to let go,” said. “I couldn’t do the little vocal acrobatics, the ad-libs, none of that. Then in Stockholm [with a producer called Bloodshy] I wrote and recorded two songs in a day and on the second one, ‘Krazy Krush,’ I was like, ‘Let me try this harmony here, let me double that bit, let me ad-lib there.’ When I finished, my manager, Tyrone, said to me, ‘You just did that all by yourself’.”

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