Ms Dynamite Is A Bit Deeper Than Most

Ms Dynamite 'A Little Deeper' album cover

Malcolm X Abram of the Akron Beacon Journal reviewed ’s new album ‘A Little Deeper’, calling it “focused and funky debut that lives up to its title.” Abram added, “The compact disc has finally hit U.S. store shelves, and the most obvious comparison for most Americans will be Lauryn Hill. Both artists share a penchant for social commentary; sistas-doing-it-for-themselves empowerment tunes and singing styles heavily influenced by rap and dance hall. Dynamite’s voice isn’t as strong as Hill’s, but she uses her ragga-flavored melodies effectively on cuts such as the laid-back, bottom-heavy self-declaration ‘Dy-na-mi-tee’.” has since removed the article.

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