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was on MTV’s Total Request Live with Carson Daly to promote her new album ‘A Little Deeper’ which drops today. In addition to the album, she talked about starting over making a name for herself in America, being pregnant, her large family, her accent, and reports that *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake wants to work with her. For a transcript, read on.

Carson: Number seven. That was “beautiful.” Eight on friday. Let me go
ahead and bring out today’s guests. Already the new queen of england and
now she’s ready to take over the U.S. Put a nice warm applause together
fors. Dynamite.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Welcome. How are you?

Ms Dynamite: Fine.

Carson: It is great to have you here. Hey, knuckle heads! [ Cheers and
applause ] All right. Settle down. This has got to make you feel good.
This is the united states welcome to you.

Ms Dynamite: Yeah. That’s nice. Hi, new york!

Carson: [ Cheers and applause Ms Dynamite: All right. Ms Dynamite. I
should mention right off the that you’re dropping a new album here in the
states tomorrow. But you’re also having a baby too as well. Congratulations
on that. I figured I should just throw that out. Dropping an album and
baby, that’s very kind of you to do as yo arrive on the U.S. Shores.

Carson: [ Laughter ] You’re already a huge star overseas. So is it weird
to kind of come here for a second and people not stop you and drive crazy?

Ms Dynamite: It is kind of weird but nice. I kind of like the that I
walk down the street and one knows and no one cares. It’s nice. Kind of
refreshing. I have to start at the beginning so it’s like a challenge all
over again for me.

Carson: This is the right here on trl so we’ going to start with a ge
to now ms. Damite. What was your first big break?

Ms Dynamite: Um, my first big break was probably being signed, actually.
Initially I didn’t really like intend to be a singer. I was on my way to
the unersity. Andinging was just a hobby. And I got signed, you know. That
was le for me.

Carson: What is thing that you won’t leave home without?

Ms Dynamite: Um, my gameboy.

Carson: Good answer. What’s your biggest pelt peeve? Americans?

Ms Dynamite: Arrogant people. I like positive people.

Carson: What kind of people?

Ms Dynamite: Positive.

Carson: Positive, absolutely. I’m sure.

Carson: Where is your accent from? What sort of part of the country?

Ms Dynamite: I’m from north london.

Carson: That’s different from like southern london, right?

Ms Dynamite: Yeah. Well, we kind of — london has the same accent. But
then there are different parts of england that have different accents.

Carson: How come when you talk to them, but when we hear the records,
there’s no sign of accents at all?

Ms Dynamite: I don’t know. Especially with r&b because we always
hear — I have grown up listening to r&b music all my life. We only
ever hear american artists. I don’t know.

Carson: When you sing that comes out —

Ms Dynamite: That’s the natural voice.

Carson: Who’s the coolest celebrity you’ve met so far?

Ms Dynamite: I have met a lot of cool people in the last year. People
like elton john.

Carson: That’s good stuff.

Ms Dynamite: Nas I met recently at the concert.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: There’s ten kids in yourmily? You’re the oldest of ten?

Ms Dynamite: Yes.

Carson: I would like for you the name the other nine brothers and sisters.

Ms Dynamite:. Jessica, jerome, josh ja, kijssly, shannon, shea, s and

Carson: Okay. Christmas must be busy at your crib.

Carson: Thank you. We’ve got more with ms. Dynamite in a second. We’ll
roll down some of your video. We’re glad to have you here on trl. Let’s
get to sum 41, number six.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Good video. Sum 41, “hell song,” it was ten on friday. Ms. Dynamite
is here. A little deeper is the record that invades our fine country tomorrow.
That’s a look at it. This has been out overseas. It’s got to be weird that
it’s coming out here.

Ms Dynamite: It is really strange. Start from the beginning again. It’s
nice though. I’m looking forward to it.

Carson: When we first played the video, we described you as missy elliot
meets lauryn hill with a little sean paul mixed in. How do you describe
your sound for people?

Ms Dynamite: To me, musically — thaa really nice compliment by the
way. I like all ofhose artists. I suppose for me it’s a mixture of reggae,
r&b and hip-hop with a kind of london flavor in there. Just kind of
mixed together I suppose.

Carson: It takes more. Let’s roll down a little more of the video. Tell
me what it’s about. I know it’s personal to you.

Ms Dynamite: This song is really about positivety. As a person that
is in the public eye, I feel that I’m really aware of a responsibility
that I have for, you know, for young people. It I think it’s really important
to show young people something positive and that they can accomplish anything
and anything that they put their mind to.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: I heard a rumor sure — we don’t have enough of those artists
here. Most of the american stars are getting drunk and being bad role models,
but I like them nonetheless. I hed this thinghatustin timberlake now is
really into your stuff a really wants to ybwork wh U. Have you heard that?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Ms Dynamite: Um, I met justin when he came to the U.K. He said he liked
my music. I’m not sure if the rumors are true about him wanting to work
with me, but I’d like to work with him.

Carson: Do you like his music?

Ms Dynamite: He’s really talented. I’d like him to teach me to dance.

Carson: He’s here all the time. We can arrange that. We’ll have a dance
lesson right here.

Ms Dynamite: That would be good.

Ms Dynamite: We appreciate you taking time.

Carson: Thank you for having me.

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