Ms. Nine Lives Checks In After ‘Neva Get Enuf’ Video

Tse Williams, aka Ms. Nine Lives tells fans on the official site message board: “Hey Yall. I’m going to Sony tomorrow to give them my PICs for the ‘Neva Get Enuf’ Video Slide Show. You can get a sneak preview of what went down. It was really HOT. We had Baby, and Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Crew. 3rd Storee also stopped by to visit and do us the honor of a cameo appearance. Ray J also came through. OMG. He makes me wish I was 20 years old all over again…. Hella fine! (for a young dude). Epic’s new rapper Nazcar was there too. He’s 18 years old and I’m not gonna say which of the website winners were sweatin him (ALL OF THEM!!… except DeAndre and Chris). More to come!”

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