Ms. Nine Lives Unleashes On Wendy Williams

Tse Williams, the production company manager behind , is going on the attack against Wendy Williams in the new Sister2Sister magazine. “I just wanted to add one thing about the Wendy Williams thing,” Tse said. “The girls probably won’t say this, but Wendy as an adult. It’s one thing to have an interiew with someone and to ask them questions, but it was clearly very one-sided. It was clearly very rehearsed and it was unprofessional for her to be throwing in all these digs and insults directed to the other two–referring to Kiely as the gap-toothed one… the one with the weave, referring to Adrienne… making the comment about the switchblade. That was very unprofessional. I understand that Wendy is in a ratings war in New York. She’s trying to get listeners, but at some point in time you have to stop being a disc jockey and start being an adult. Wendy has a child, and that was very unprofessional. It almost seems like it was a personal vendetta on her part because not only did she air the show once, the following Friday, when she wasn’t even gonna be in the station, she chose to air the show in its entirety again. I don’t know what her agenda is, but just as a professional and as a parent, she was extremely unprofessional and I shudder to think that just for ratings, people are willing to go to any extent.” No word yet if Wendy has responded to the remarks.

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