Ms Nine Lives: ‘Wendy Williams Is A Fraud’

Things are continuing to heat up between ’s manager Ms Nine Lives and WBLS DJ Wendy Williams. After Wendy said the group never scheduled an interview on Thursday, Tse Williams blasted her as a liar. “First of all, Wendy did have a SCHEDULED interview with that was confirmed via email with her producer Art last Thursday,” she said. “Second, not only did she back out, but now she is lying on the radio and saying that was not at WBLS. There were many witnesses including NSOUL, MASTERMIND and others. The simple fact is that WENDY IS A FRAUD. She’s only good when she has time to set people up. The reason she asked them to come back next week is so that she can give herself some time to PREPARE. Imagine that! She has to PREPARE to interview teenagers. For the record, we is currently scheduled to be in LA next Wed. thru Sunday. We are trying to re-arrange our schedule because the last thing we want, is to miss an opportunity to set her straight. As for Wendy being on the air, yes, she was and did you notice she didn’t have a guest? That’s because the guest was supposed to be and she backed out at the last minute. Maybe she should do a little more research because when does get there, they’ll be coming with facts.”

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