Multi-Ethnic & Multi-Faceted, Rue Melo Hits The Scene

Contributed by AdamBernard:

After listening to just the first verse of the first song on tri-lingual beauty Rue Melo’s self-titled debut album I was hooked. I knew she was an artist I wanted to know more about. It turns out her music is the result of a mix of influences due in ‘part to her background of being both French (mothers side) and Uruguayan (father’s side), as well her loves of both Hip-Hop and reggae. Rue, who earned her nickname, which means “street” in French, because she “kept wandering off,” has been traveling and performing all her life. This week she traveled on over my way to sit down and discuss her fascinating background, why she chose to work with a band, and her extremely odd sleeping habits whenever she arrives in a new place. Read the full interview at

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