Murder Inc. Has Survived And Will Survive

Contributed anonymously:

It’s been alot of hype about and the Murder Inc. camp surviving if Irv Gotti gets locked up. Well starting off with Ja Rule his first four albums all debut at #1 then when rapper,”50 cent” comes on the scene everyone claims that Ja is weak, and he’s a fake thug. Even after the whole Ja and 50 beef happened Ja still came back and blazed the charts with Wonderful (ft. R.Kelly and ) which stayed in the top ten for 14 weeks in a row!Now, the princess her first two albums debut at #1 beating out rnb goddesses , ” Tweet, and Beyonce’ Knowles”. Her new album Concrete Rose debut at #7, not as good as the first but yet exceptional!

Ashanti’s singles Foolish #1(billboard top 200), Happy #1, Baby #1, Rock Wit u #2, Rain On Me #4, Only U #11, Ashanti has really had a hell of a career, believe it or not! Now everyone wants to hate on Murder Inc , in 2002 Murder inc was the #1 selling record label around, now because of a couple of hardships everyone wants to decieve them of their credit and worths. Some say that Ashanti is trying to be like Beyonce’, because of her new style and new relationship! Come on people is Beyonce’ and Jay Z the first entertainers to have a relationship, and wear big weave? Can Murder Inc survive, the answer is yes and it will survive, maybe better than ever! I just wish people would stop hating and show some love!

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