Music, Oh Music

Contributed by packlight:

now known as Kells by his new industry friends has a new song titled ‘Thoia Thoing’. This new cut is spinning in heavy rotation on his hometown radio station WGCI. Of course the song’s production is yet another signature hit for Kells. But my gripe came as Kells asks; “What is R&B without the R?” “Okay Rob, we’ve given your alleged Kelsey Grammer-esque ways a pass don’t get beside yourself.” But as I continued to listen and reflect on the question the answer came to mind. When you take the “R” out of R&B you’re left with nothing but the “blues”. Knowing this, the musical genius and signature sound of has kept us disregarding the blues of our rhythm for more than a decade now. I know I am not the only mother who has danced with her young daughter on a early Saturday morning to “Step in the name of love” or pushed the volume way passed ten as “Snake” played on our car radios. Forgetting months earlier we declared “I will not support him nor will I listen to his music should it get any kind of air play.” But we can’t be upset he told us he was the “Piped Piper”! And as did the rats and children we are following in packs. Music Oh Music…

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