Musiq Explains Why He Dropped The Soulchild

Rozalynn S. Frazier of Essence magazine chatted with Musiq (formerly ) on why he dropped the ‘Soulchild’ on his latest album. “I dropped it because it’s a lot to live up to right now,” he explained. “Sometimes I’m still iffy about the name because I don’t want to misrepresent it. I’m not taking it on as a title and I’m not claiming that I know all there is to know about music. Soulchild means being true to yourself and having both of those powerful words as names is a lot to live up to in the beginning stages of my career, while I’m progressing and aspiring to be more. I feel [like] I should just take one day at a time and when I am really able to live out that idea, ,or personify being what a soul child is, I’ll do that. So I am still , but I’m just coming out as Musiq right now.”

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