Musiq Soulchild: This Business Is Tough

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@musiqsoulchild) on Tuesday (December 16) with the following message:

What’s Good y’all

Been a minute since I wrote, I know, been a whole lot goin on, been doin what I can to keep my head up, this business is tough, not complainin’, just keepin it 100, but I’m still in it, I know I still got y’all, and y’all still got my back so I guess it ain’t all bad after all..

Speakin of which, I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody for goin out and gettin the music, let’s me know what I do still matters, a very comforting thing to know these days, big shout out to everybody that came to the meet and greets and showed up at the instores, I appreciate that, I really love it when I can see you and thank you personally, that really means a whole lot to me, not on no music business stuff, just real talk, there’s no Musiq Soulchild with out the people, so again, I cant thank you enough..

I thought I would’ve more to say, but I think I said all I can say, at least for now..

I just really wanted to say thank you, and let y’all know how much I love y’all and appreciate all the support..

Got more comin…

Stay tuned for tour dates where I’ll be comin to a hood near you..




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