Musiq’s Canceled London Show Explained

’s assistant Donni posted the following bulletin to fans on the singer’s blog at Myspace on Wednesday (August 1):

Ohh oh London!!!

I can’t begin to explain how disappointed we are that the show at the Hammersmith was cancelled at SUCH late notice!

I’ve already replied to a couple of fans who had tickets, some were surprising a loved one, some where gonna travel hundred of miles just to see the show.

Let me say that Musiq was not reason the show was cancelled.

When you (the fans) hear about a show it is through a promoter in which we sign a contract with. That promoter is responsible for a number of things including travel. Musiq and his entire crew including myself were at the airport when we found out that not only did we not have the promised tickets to get us to London and back, but there was no possible way to get us there through any other airline or routing.

So PLEASE believe that even if we had to pay to get there ourselves to make this concert happen we would of! London is one of the most best places to perform. We get alot of love in the U.K. & we want to give it back.

We were already working on spending alot more than one day over there touring Europe, hopefully we can make that happen sooner than later under much better circumstances.


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