My Review On Ashanti’s ‘ChapterII’

Ashanti 'Chapter II' album cover

Contributed anonymously:

This brings me to why I wrote this. ‘Chapter II’ is not to be blasted in the ride, the home, the club, or anywhere else where people may have to listen to it. It’s a sad disappointment to say the least. Which is saying a lot because who listens to with high expectations? Anyway, after the first listen I was hoping that it would grow on me, but as I sit here writing this I’m listening for the fifth time, and I’m just finding more things that irk me about this record.

There are about seven unnecessary skits that have nothing to do with the music; instead they just mess up the flow. Most of them involve either ***** Santana or Irv Gotti running off at the mouth talking about how great they are is or how hot this album is, leaving the listener wondering, ‘Why are they trying to convince me? Is it that unbelievable? Maybe they’re trying to convince themselves.’ To add insult to injury there is even an advertisement for a new artist, Black Child, who makes Ja Rule sound like B.I.G. Yeah he’s that bad.. Anyway, it just ticked me off because I’m just like, you couldn’t drop a shameless plug at the BET awards like everybody else? Why you gotta force feed me this mess on an album that doesn’t even have a hip-hop feel to it?I only like a couple track,Rock Wit You,Rain On Me,I Found Love, Break Up To Make Up,and Carry On.The rest are bad.

The production is pretty shoddy. Every song feels sampled and like it needs a hot remix. Somebody call the Neptunes because Irv Gotti is done as a producer he is messing up Ashanti career,although she accomplish a lot in two years but she’s still not getting respect. In addition, they tried to let Ashanti stretch as an artist on this album, letting her write, produce, and even ad lib on a lot of the songs. Big mistake. I personally think Ashanti can sing but she is not showing us.her song doesn’t show her vocals ability.there’s day when she sound bad and good.

The worst part about this album is Irv Gotti. For a minute I thought it was his album. He screams over almost every track, trying to force-feed the listener his gangsta. It didn’t work; it just irritated me. Murder INC is dead in my eyes except for Ashanti, and trying to rep it like it’s number one is about as funny as trying to rock a Members Only jacket like it’s a throwback. Ashanti needs to get out of that contract quick because Irv seems intent on bringing her down right with him .So Ashanti if you are reading this article, your fan want you to step your game up.Get a new producer get a choreographer loosen up.

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