Mya And 50 Cent Are Secretly Dating

The Sun reports 50 Cent has been secretly dating for the past month after meeting at an LA awards ceremony. A source at Universal, where both artists are signed, remarked, “Being on the same label meant they often attended the same gigs and parties. They were introduced by record bosses at one of the many awards bashes that was held in LA last month. Much to everyone’s surprise, they hit it off straight away. is quite gentle and, despite his on-stage personality, so is 50. They are well matched. Not many people at the label know about them being an item and they like it that way. Just before he went out on stage at Milton Keynes last week, she phoned him to wish him good luck. As well as their privacy, there are slight worries about ’s safety now she is known to be close to him. He has a lot of enemies, some of whom are jealous of his meteoric rise to fame.” Read more.

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