Mya Performs ‘Wo’ On TRL

stopped by the MTV Summer Beach House on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to perform her new hit ‘My Love Is Like Wo’ and talk about her new album ‘Moodring’ with host Carson Daly. Read on for the transcript.

Carson: Let me please introduce our next guest. She’s got an album coming
out on july 22. Say hi to mya.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mya: Hey, Carson.

Carson: Wow. Hi, mya. How are you?

Mya: Good to see you again.

Carson: Does she not look lovely or what?

Mya: Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] Just got me a nice tan on vacation.

Carson: I’m glad i didn’t wear that outfit. There’s so much to talk
to you about. What beautiful eyes you have.

Mya: Thanks.

Carson: Is it weird for you when you’re focusing so much on music, and
then of course you you got involved with “chicagos with ,” which won aned
academy award.

Mya: The part was really small so the transition was very smooth for
he. It did take four months so it took a bit of my album away from me and
the concentration off. So I’m back. I’m ready to do my thing.

Carson: And you’re about to do your thing.

Mya: My album’s done. My single’s about to come out. I just did my video
for “wo.”

Carson: How’s the video fors “wo”?

Mya: It’s great.

Mya: Missy and i hooked up on my first album, so that’s where we met.
And of course, “lady marm lad” was the next thing. So she worked on my
album as well. Missy’s back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Are you e to perform in our beach house?

Mya: It’s cold as hell out here today.

Carson: But we’re going to warm it up, i heard. The album is out on
the 22nd. It’s been a while. It’s been like three years. Is that something
you wanted to do to make sure everything was right?

Mya: Things happen. Of course, the movie took four months. I just took
my time and it was my play playground for my album. I worked very calmly,
smoothly, wisely on my album and just did the best work I’ve ever done
before. So I did take my time. And I’ve been living, you know.

Carson: Good for you.

Mya: Thank you.

Carson: You can live it large right now on this stage. Mya is going
to perform in just a second. I’m going to give you a minute to get ready
as we watch the number 5 requested video. Here’s 50 with nate, “21 questions”
on “trl.” And then mya heats up our stage.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mya: How lucky am I to hang out with ashlee simpson and hilarie. Are
you guys ready for some live musemusic? Spankin’ new tune from a “trl”
favorite. Performing “my love it’s like wo”, ladies and gentlemen, make
noise for mya.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Give it up for mya, of. Come here nor second. We’re going to
see the premiere for that video friday on spankin’ new summesic week. Havana
nigs, “girty dancing 2” did you already shoot that?

Mya: Yea we shot it in puerto rico.

Carson: That will be coming out soon.

Mya: 2004.

Carson: Thank you so much for being here. Look forward to your album
on july 22nd

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