Mya Shoots ‘Fallen’ Video

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Digital reports is currently shooting her second single for Moodring, ‘Fallen’ in Toronto. The video will have a subway theme to it. check out what Art Vandelay, who had the pleasure of meeting today, had to say of his experience in his online diary.

This is a diary entry from a member of the message board by the name of art-vandelay. He had the pleasure of meeting Mya today, shooting her new video! Hopefully the video will be out within two weeks! So look-out for it!!

I just met Mya
[19 Sep 2003|07:07pm]
[ music | At The Drive-In – Rolodex Propoganda ]

I was on my way home from Ryerson. My English professor let us out a few minutes early, so I was able to get on the subway by 1:05pm. I take the Yonge line from Dundas to Sheppard. I get off at Sheppard and walk up the stairs to switch trains. When I walked up towards the platform, I noticed a movie crew of sorts off to the side. People were crowding around. I didn’t know if this was a movie or TV show or what. I peeked around and saw a guy with a large Kitchen Warehouse bag, so I thought it was some sort of commercial for the Kitchen Warehouse or something. The train arrived. I grabbed a seat directly in front of the action. I looked out from inside the subway and there she was, right in front of me. She was wearing a white tanktop and a tight pair of jeans. Me and this other guy sitting in the seat behind me stuck our faces into the window and kept staring. “She looks like Mya,” other guy says. “That IS Mya,” I reply. “That’s her?!” he asks. “Yeah!” I answer. So now she was walking right in front of us, and let me tell you, in person, her body is like… like… her body’s like, WO. She turned around, and let me tell you something else, her ass is like… WO. They were filming our subway train leaving, so we sat there and waited for them to set up before the train too off, which was fine by me. I actually wanted to get off and stay around to watch all this, but I felt like that would be dumb to do, so I stayed on the train as it took off. Other guy was like, “Well I’m happy, I got to see Mya today.” I felt similar, but not entirely satisfied. I started wondering if I would later regret leaving. Did I live the opportunity to its full potential? I mean, no one told me to leave. It seemed like they didn’t mind people watching on. And (this was the clincher), I have nothing better to do. So when we reached the next stop, I got off the train and walked to the other side of the platform, waiting to go back into the other direction. By now they had moved off to the escalators to film another part of the video. I stood close and watched next to this old lady wearing a neon vest. I thought she was the security or something. I asked her what exactly was being filmed here. She told me that they were filming the new music video for the recording artist, Mya. She told me that the video has a “subway theme.” I asked if it was alright if I stayed around to watch and she said, “Yeah, sure!” I didn’t know until I later read on her vest that she was the Film Co-ordinator for the TTC. The director yelled “Action!” and everyone was staring into the same direction. Mya escalated up to our level and proceded to walk past these two guys that I thought were here just to watch as well. I was actually more interested in the production than anything. I didn’t even think about asking Mya for an autograph until they were done. The production guys started making their way towards an exit. Mya had people all around her doing stuff with her clothes and hair. This old guy went up to her with a camera and had his picture taken. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to ask for an autograph because it just seems kinda lame to do. Plus I really have nothing for her to sign. I reached around in my bag and took out a pen and piece of paper that I used in English class to write down character summaries. Then I thought about getting my bus transfer signed instead, because it’s got the date written on it. Plus it’d remind me where I got it. So I stood by, waiting for the people surrounding her to clear away. She stretched her arms above her heard. Her breasts pressed against her white tanktop, but no pokies were seen because she probably wore something underneath. Anyway, I walked up and said, “Excuse me miss, um, can I get your autograph?” She said, “Yeah. What’s your name?” I was going to say “Wai-Tseung,” but then I just said, “It’s Wai,” for simplicity’s sake. While she was signing I started mumbling about the situation. I don’t even remember what I said. I think it was, “Wow, this, this is, this, this is so cool. Um, yeah. It made my day.” Her and this woman who was cleaning her or something forcibly giggled. I said thanks and she told me to “Take care.” It was the first time I met in person, someone that I jacked off to on TV. So that was pretty cool. I walked onto the train and she went into the elevator with her entourage. She was wearing a robe and towel now. For the rest of the ride home, I stared at the words on my transfer, trying hard to decipher the scribbles. I digged around on the net to see if I could compare it with another sample: . I’ve figured out that at the top she writes: “F (recipient’s name)”. I’m thinking “F” as in “for” and not “F” as in “***** (recipient’s name)”. At the end she signs off with Mya and a little picture of a heart, which I first thought was a butterfly on my autograph. It’s the middle that I don’t get. It looks kind of like the sample up there but not exactly. On the picture up there, there seems to be some sort of number sign. On mine there isn’t. But she did write an exclamation point at the end. I’d scan it if I had a scanner, but I don’t. Whatever. Anyway I put the transfer into one of those plastic trading card holders. Yeah I’m a geek, but I bet you’re jealous.

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