Mya Stops By TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk about her role in ‘Chicago’ and preview her album which should be coming out this summer. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: That’s a hot joint there. Let’s introduce our first guest as a singer and actress known from Hollywood to “Chicago” now times square give it up, everybody for Mya.


TRL: Hey, how are you?


TRL: Yeah, welcome back. Wha’up? Want to show some people some love outside.

Mya: Sure

TRL: Holler real quick.

Mya: Hey everyone out there!

TRL: Goin’ bananas f you.

Mya: It is so cold, too. Fans out there.

TRL: A while since we’ve seen you, i know you’ve been in and out of the studio workin’ on

[Inaudible] A couple years back.

Mya: In the studio workin’ on my next do be released this summer with a single very soon this spring


TRL: What can we expect?

Mya: My album is all over the place I had a playground a ball workin’ on it with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis right now wrappin’ it up but ‘s funk, house and reggae collaboration with Jean Paul off the is good and just
in general just hot music.

TRL: I hear on the album there are a couple tracks that are risque, we don’t normally hear from you.

Mya: You know.

TRL: You are a sweet girl. What can we expect from the “bad Mya”.

Mya: It’s been thr years and I’ve grown up just a little bit and I’ve
been through some things, i live my life and I’m in very honest and open and
did a lot of writing on my own. I think all the females in he and whoever buys my album can appreciate


TRL: Is there a draen track?

Mya: Yeah, there is. It’s called, uhm, whatever bichz but it’s off the hook for all my queens out there, okay

TRL: All right.

TRL: It is droppin’ this summer I’m sure a video comin’ out. What’s
it going to be like.

Mya: We are actually thinkin’ about going to an exotic land and shooting it but I’m not sure just yet, so ….

TRL: Lookin’ forward to that. Yo gs we have to take a quick break but she’s not going anywhere giving us the lowdown on her movie career plus
the TRL 50 cent clock tickin’ away. Don’t go anywhere!


TRL: La hangin’ out with the good folks in times square trying to find the biggest 50 cent fan.

TRL: Mya, so much of the success of “chicago” people talked about this movie months before it even came out. How did it feel — was it stressful to be part of such a big event movie?

Mya: You know what the audition process was really strange for me they asked me to improvise and learn a dance piece within and hour but i was dancin’ since i was about 3 years old i guess that condition prepared me.
I was really nervous when i finally got into rehearsals with Katherine, Richard and Queen Latifa, you never think of that going into the situation but it was really educational and I had a good time, you know. So it was all good.

TRL: [Inaudible] Is a husband murderin’, jailhouse mama, seems like
a stretch.

Mya: I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t expect me to take on a role like that but it was really fun once again with whatever I was going through
with my life. I play a murderous very short but brief but ladies and gentlemen
this is the movie for you if you are mad at your man so check it out.

TRL: I played the Russian once and man when these get together and sing it is absolutely ridiculous. The movies has won three golden globes. Did
you go.

Mya: I didn’t but nominated for a few sag awards and 12 bafta awards equivalent to the U.S. Oscars which are also coming out.

TRL: Nominations like next week are you on the invite list.

Mya: I’m not sure what they are nominated for but of course ft. Cast and movie is nominated I hope to go.

TRL: What will you wear.

Mya: I don’t know. I don’t know until like the day before ha-ha.

TRL: Nice.

TRL: You’ve been talkin’ about being so grown up now. What made you get so grown up.

Mya: Time, you know. Time and, you know, guys, uhhh.

Mya: Uh-oh.

TRL: Anything specific.

Mya: I’m not gonna talk about that y’all can get my album.

TRL: How about valentine’s day it it be good.

Mya: I don’t even know what I’ll be doing.

TRL: Mya, I’m free. For real.

TRL: Thank you so much for comin’ out.

Mya: Thank you for having me. Good to be here again.

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