Natalie Cole’s Battle With Hepatitis C

‘Entertainment Tonight’ host Mary Hart sat down with to discuss her diminishing health. The singer contracted Hepatitis C due to past drug use. Hart visited ‘The Early Show’ on Thursday (October 23) to discuss her interview. “They told me … ‘Your lungs have filled up with fluid and your kidney is functioning at 10 percent,'” Cole said her doctors told her, “They would have found me either unconscious or dead. I think I was on my way out. I was in denial that I was close to dying until after three, four days of being hospitalized and them putting me on dialysis. I had a lot of time to think. The first thing I knew is that I will never work the same way again. Three hours a day, three times a week [during dialysis] I just sit there and am glad that there is something to keep me going.” Watch the clip below.

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