Naturi Explains Why She’s Out Of 3LW

John Norris of MTV News spoke on the phone with the now departed member Naturi Naughton on Total Request Live on Thursday. Naturi insists she didn’t quit the group but was forced out due to tension with Kiely Williams and the group’s management who convinced the other two members that she was replaceable. Naturi assures fans though that she’ll continue a career in music. Read on for a transcript.

John: We are joined on the line by Naturi along with her attorney
thanks for joining us. I’m sure it isn’t an easy time for you right now.

Naturi: Yeah, it really isn’t,


John: To be clear, you did not leave the you contend were you force
out; right.

Naturi: Yes. I wanted to basically come on and tell all the friends
at TRL and let everybody know I did not leave 3LW. I never planned on leaving
3LW and basically due to an incident that happened on the road with me
and my group members there was a lot of tension and basically forced out
of the group and I had to leave the situation because my safety was in

John: You make it sound like one incidents but actually was it a gradual
thing that led up to this?

Naturi: Well, about a month ago I wasn’t exactly sure what was going
on. They had an understudy for me and obviously they weren’t happy with
me being in the group and they’ve been gradually trying to push me out
but got so bad to the point where I had to leave off the road because there
was so much, you know, arguing and tension and basically they forced me

John: So they forced you out. Now, this girl who was the understudy
apparently is the new member of the group.

Naturi: I really, really don’t know. I don’t know if the other two members
of 3LW plan on doing but I know this I’m going to continue doin’ what I’ve
always loved to do, singing. This is my dream I’m not going to let this,
you know, stop me from doing what I have to do.

John: I got to tell you was looking back at an interview of you three
just a month ago. Even in that interview ited like the others dominated
the conversation. Did you feel you were kind of on the outs with them for
a while?

Naturi: Well, as have told other people, we were friends at one point
and we got along fine. I would basically say that management had a lot
of control over the situation and the manager kinda made it so that I was
left in the back and they started to feel they could do better without
me and that’s how I would eventually forced out of the group.

John: We should mention management is part of keily’s family right.

Naturi: Yeah the manager happens to be her mother and the production
company is a sister.

John: You mentioned you want to go forward. Where do you go from here

Naturi: Well, I don’t exactly know as of now. I know that I have options
and I plan on, you know continuing living life and doing what I have to
do a I’m just gonna be positive and keep it goin’.

Naturi: Jn:Ll rig. E fw tan will continue to support me — the

john:Bsolel T.Sounds like they do here. I know a lot of people lockin’
forward to youeconth from now. Good look in everything you do. Thanks.

Naturi: Yeah sure.

John: Take care.

Naturi: All right.

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