Naturi Naughton’s Right On Mag Interview

Ousted member Naturi Naughton did a Q&A with Right On magazine that a portion was posted on the group’s official message board. Anticipating that the post will get deleted by moderators, read on for the post here instead.

right on mag…

naturi states: i wont let 3lw or any magament or whomeva hold me back
from my dreams because that was what they intended to do all along…

host question: did you and your old group members of 3lw get along?

naturi: well its kinda funny because me and Adrienne got along but me
and Kiely had plenty of difficulties because she grow up different than
me and she has an big attiude and wanted things her way, but when we started
livin together we put our differences aside and respected each other and
excepted that we grew up different..

host question:there are many rumors going aroud now what’s the truth?

naturi: well the truth is..i would to stay in the end of august i found
out that Michelle and Tse were setting up adutions for girls learning my
parts because they had intended on kicking me out the group, so i went
to them and said whats up i dont wont to leave and they didnt have no reply…

host question? why was it such a big issue over skin color?

naturi: i thought bringing this group together was to show personalty’s
and to bring girl of all different types of color together but Kiely and
Adrienne and the adults there with is putting them up to lieing and changing
the story saying I said the 2 light skinned girls are kicking me out the
group. Wendy Williams had nothin to do with it… all strated over
3lw web site,…

host question:explain i dont understand…?

naturi: well i put out the truth a long time ago and like three weeks
later 3lw management tried to find and lie to put togther to clear up the
truth and fli[ed the whole story around, i mean why would i up and leave
for noo reason espaiklly when i have a new album about to realize i wanted
to blow up…..and the food incident was the truth she threw her food at
me but of course the mangement would change it around and say her lil sister
hit her plate…i mean fans are not stupid they would figure them out and
soon no 3lw r not being true to there fans….

host question:whats next for you:

naturi:well i will be doing my own solo thing, and sopposed to be going
to atl with nelly and st luantics because they wont me to do something
with them…

host:will you ever be back with 3lw because 702 went through this same
thing and made up?

naturi:i mean i never wonted to leave but why stay somawhere if people
dont wont you there it makes no sense i was always hearing why the dark
skin girl have to be in the back round,or why they put her in that opufit,
and most of all they did not wont me for who i was they were always trellin
me i’m not ghetto enough and im not what the crowd wants.

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