Naturi Phones Into MTV”s TRL And Previews ‘For You’

Naturi called into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to preview her new single ‘For You’. Naturi talked about working with Nelly, Lil’ Bow Wow, and others. She says she’s still trying to work out getting signed to a label, but still wanted fans to know she’s “comin’ strong”. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Now for our first exclusive of the day trl really at the
forefront of every development with and today we have the former member
naturi on the line. Are you there.

Naturi: How is it going.

Damien: Giving us the first listen to your solo song honestly less than
10 people have heard it right.

Naturi: Actually not today I decided

[Inaudible] Mtv I love all you guys I love you all so


Damien: This is fresh out of the box, what a treat. Where are you right

Naturi: I’m actually in

[Inaudible] In new jersey I’m sorry I couldn’t come. Hopefully I’ll
be able to come by soon and visit all you guys and maybe perform live.
Get it when it comes out, guys


Damien: When and where did you record this thing?

Naturi: Actually it is called “for you” I did it with

[Inaudible] Big up to them

[Inaudible] Get my voice out there letting people know I’m workin’,
ready to do my thing.

Love all you guys keep supportin’.

Damien: Workin’ hard. I hear you’ve worked hard with big names in the
studio; is that true?

Naturi: Uhm, actually, I know you guys heard about how, you know, nelly
and that camp flew me out to

[Inaudible] And I vibed with them and jay-z and you know working helpfully
a collabo will come up possibly one with lil’ bow w wow. Just talkin’ everybody
reachin’ out like hey, girl let’s do it.

Damien: Let’s check out the new single it is “for you” hang on we’ll
take a listen straight o of the studio, fresh out of the box take a listen
to it:

Damien: There you have it a brand new naturi track called “for you”
still looking if a label right to sign you?


[Inaudible] All that I mean the whole label thing but basically just
working trying to get up with different people let the fans know I’m comin’
strong, y’all

Damien: Got ya


Damien: Obviously they are lovin’ the single good luck to you and thank
you by the way for gracing us with that single.


[Inaudible] Thank you guys on trl ‘love you.

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