Naturi Stops By TRL Monday

Former member Naturi came on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to continue the drama over the events that led her to leave the group. Naturi says Kiely and Adrienne made up their story after the fact to make her look bad. Naturi said she never had plans to go solo but now that she’s out of work she might do that or acting. She also didn’t know what was up with the B2K beef, but she thinks it had something to do with Kiely and one of the B2K guys. After the interview, B2K called into TRL and said they’ll be calling in Tuesday to explain the beef, as the drama continues. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Let’s bring out my next guest. She’s smack-dab in the middle
of one of the nastiest family feuds in pop music history. Here’s for round
2, formerly from 3LW, member Naturi.

Naturi: What’s it up. How are you all doing? Hey. How are you all doing?

Naturi: Whass’up, girl?

Naturi: Whass’up, quddus.

Quddus: There’s a lot up. There’s a lot going on.

Naturi: I know.

Quddus: And there’s a lot being said back and forth between the former,
you know.

Naturi: Members. I know. I know.

Quddus: And you know, they came on last week and you saw the show.

Naturi: Yes, I did.

Quddus: And what was your last conversation like between you and them?

Naturi: Actually, um, I haven’t had a conversation until Kiely threw
the plate of food in my face and very they haven’t called me, which is
casey, because they claim we’re friends and we’re cool and we used to be
friends, but friendship shows, you know, hey, I’m a card wrack girl, radless.
That’s what real friends do.

Quddus: But you went and said some things that they — the item at least
said were pretty much lies.

Naturi: I think what it is is some people get afraid. When you tell
the truth and you tell the real story, then people get, oh, my gosh, we
have to come up with something real quick.

Quddus: Right, cover themselves.

Naturi: So after two weeks they came up with the story about the little
baby birl and all this stuff, and it’s funny because I told the truth.
And now all of a sudden they’re angry and I’m some bad guy. That’s not
the case, you all.

Quddus: That’s really unfortunate that it’s deteriorated to this level.

Naturi: It really is. It’s pretty sad, because I thought 3LW was going
to go far and beyond and do our thing and that’s what I wanted. But I guess
other people want a different agenda and things have to change. So it’s
a good.

Quddus: Speaking of the future, I asked them, I said, if you were to
go and step to them and ask to be back in the group, would they let you
back in. And they said — they said no.

Naturi: You know what it is?

Quddus: How does that sit with you, yeah?

Naturi: I loved being in 3LW. I worked hard to get it where it is now.
And some people, you just can’t work with them. They don’t want to work
with you. You gotta be a team and if a team isn’t ready to work, then I
can’t be there, you know?

Quddus: He said, I’ll be on your team.

Naturi: Thank you.

Quddus: You still got a lot of love from a lot of people, so feel good
about that.

Naturi: Thank you.

Quddus: They all said the new albums dropping october 22nd and your
vocals are going to remain on the album.

Naturi: I’m not singing much on the album and a lot of people will be
able to see what I’ve been talking about. Like they tried to say they never
discriminated against me and there was never any hate going on be, but
why wasn’t on anything. I couldn’t participate in the album. They were
stopping me from singing on songs. So that’s hate right there. So I’m going
to still be on the album october 22nd. You all go check it out.

Quddus: That takes away my next question I was going to ask if you’re
going to help promote the album.

Naturi: I’m not a hater, so check — so go check out the album, do what
you gotta do and –.

Quddus: Aside from this drama, we also like to clear up the b2k blood.

Naturi: What’s up with that?

B2K Clip: There goes 3LW.

Quddus: Whoa. What was that all about?

Naturi: Oh, boy.

Quddus: What do you think that sometimes from there?

Naturi: I’m a little confused, but I guess one of the members of 3LW,
I think Kiely had some beef with one ofhe guy or something happened. I
don’t know. But I guess they’re hating 3LW. But who knows. I can’t got
nothing against B2K. Do your thing, B2K.

Quddus: Still a mystery. We’ll talk some more with naturi after this
video, no. 4, “good charlotte.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Jess, the goo fellas of good charlotte, good charlotte, “lifestyles
of the rich and famous”. Let’s look ahead. Let the drama, be the past,
and move forward. And I know there’s a lot of talk about you doing a solo.
Album. Is that true?

Naturi: It’s crazy that everybody’s been saying, you know, the that
Naturi is coming out with a solo album and that’s the reason I left. Let’s
clear that up. I never left 3LW to a solo album, so I was so dedicated
to 3LW.

Quddus: But now that you have left?

Naturi: Now that I’m not in the group. I love to sing. I love dance
ig. I might go into acting as well. So whatever I choose to do, hopefully
my peoples here will l continue to support me.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Cool.

Naturi: Thank you.

Quddus: Is there anything you want to say? I’m to open up the forum.
Is there anything you want to say to the 3LW fans who still got a lot of

Naturi: Please continue to support me in whatever I do. I love you all.
And I will continue to love y’all. From the bottom of my heart.

Quddus: Very nice. Very nice. You’re a real sweetheart and we’re so
glad that you came and talked about all this stuff.

Naturi: Thank you.

Quddus: Shakira, received the triple platinum award. And she’s got a
really big fan. So why don’t you do the honors.

Naturi: Here goes shakira at the no. 3 spot “objection. “.

Quddus: Tango!

Note: The transcripts are computer generated, so there’s some spelling errors and omissions.

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