Naughty By Nature Explain Pink Hookup On Single

Don Zulaica of spoke with Naughty by Nature’s Vinnie Brown for details behind Pink helping out on the ‘What U Wanna Do’ and Arista’s reaction [who had dropped the group on bad terms]. Brown said, “Treach and Pink knew each other from meeting in clubs and stuff. And a track came through with a hook on it, and the girl that was on the hook sounded like Pink. We were like, ‘Pink would definitely sound hot on this song.’ So we got the track to her, she felt it, we went out to L.A. and knocked it out. Which, to Arista’s credit, they cleared the song. I mean, they did drop us off the label, but they didn’t get salty and go, ‘Wait, these are two potential hits. Let’s stop it so we don’t have egg on our faces.'”

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