Ndegeocello OK With Letting Beyonce Hog R&B Spotlight

While Destiny’s Child star has MTV Nation rapt, significantly fewer people notice , even though she crams mounds of soulful fortitude into a three-minute song. “Baring your soul means more when not everyone notices,” she tells Caley Cook of San Diego CityBeat. “You have to be content in these days and times. I don’t read the news or watch TV. I’m a little too sensitive. I’m not meant to worry too much about the world… and I’m not that intellectual. Expectations cause me sadness. I feel like my mind has been colonized by other people’s sexual outlook and I’m really trying to clear out the weeds of the garden in my mind and cultivate it with some other ideas: Prayer. Books. I love music. The sky. I like to watch the stars.” Read more.

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