Ne-Yo Comments On Michael Jackson’s Death

spoke with the media in Los Angeles before hopping in an awaiting SUV, commenting on the death of Michael Jackson. Asked about Jackson’s role in his career, responded, “Michael Jackson is half the reason I’m even here. If not for Michael and what he did, I wouldn’t be standing here in front of you guys right now. I think I speak for all R&B and pop music when I say that.” Watch the comments via below.

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9 thoughts on “Ne-Yo Comments On Michael Jackson’s Death

  1. footdetoxtgirl says:

    It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP

  2. Hemma says:

    Michael Joseph Jackson

    The King of Pop, The World Loved Him, The World Praised Him, The World made fun of Him, The World criticized him! The wonderful MJ tried so hard to continue to please the world, we say we love him, but in front of his face and behind his back we poke fun of him calling him names such as: Wacko Jacko, making up comedy skits about him, taking personal pictures of him and embarrassing him, calling him weird and bizarre, making fun of his nose, always in his face saying the world of critical statements!

    Ever since Michael was a young boy this was his life, trying to please the public with his great talent and he did an amazing job!, but as the years added up, all of the pressure from child molester allegations, Wacko Jacko, ugly nose, freak, bizarre behavior, Michael started to hide from the world. His wonderful talent that we all love and enjoy hid, he just cut himself off, in his Neverland home, desperately trying to have a childhood that he never got a chance to experience, he doesn’t know what the true meaning of love is. He has to ask a friend of his what love is and record the conversation of them speaking about it to hear it and try to learn what love means. Wow that must be a very sad soul, to have the world love him so much, but then to have the world poke fun of him, criticizing him, causing him to feel insecure and become fragile!

    What else did Michael know? He knew only to please the public, give the world what they want, so he started transforming himself, his nose, his skin, without realizing the effects it would have. After trying to please the world, he only damaged himself further and had the world making fun of him calling him weirdo, freak, bizarre behavior, etc. The world destroyed Michael, WE ruined his life, WE broke his spirit, how dare we love someone, but then make so many negative comments about him????

    When will it stop? When will the criticism stop??? You say ignore it, it’s just paparazzi, but when Michael didn’t know any better and grew up his whole life being criticized and lied to etc, he doesn’t know what to do, he is under constant pressure, constant bombardment of critics, he just hid himself away from the world, or he tried to at least. He tried to mold himself and please us, but only hurt himself in the end not knowing what to do. SO afraid to be himself and so afraid of his nose and appearance, and so saddened that people made fun of him calling him names and saying that he looks like a girl, he constantly and dramatically changed his appearance hoping for acceptance, but only to be called even more names!

    He tried to protect his children from his fate, he made them all white, with light eyes and light hair to protect them from name calling, it makes me wonder if he was also criticized because of the color of his skin, he made the song black or white?, but it was too late the damage of all the years was already done, MJ will never be the same, he doesn’t know love because he was never given the chance to experience real love! How sad is that! The people that are saying they love him are saying all these mean things about him.. You cannot say that he should just get over it and ignore it because it comes with his job, because look at your sons, daughters, mothers etc, they are in high school getting boob jobs, butt implants, getting calf implants, cheek implants, Botox in the face, etc….and plastic surgery is on the rise even though the risk, the people getting it are everyday people like you and me, not just celebrities!!! This shows you how bad society is in criticizing and hurting others.!!! The only reason they are getting all these procedures done is because their self esteem has taken a big shot!

    There should be a law against criticism, something should be done!!!! People need to learn to accept people as they are and encourage them to do the best they can, not laugh at them, point fingers, criticize them and hurt them, all it causes is pain and suffering, words cut like a knife, and MJ was cut millions of times to the point of breaking, I am surprised after all the pain and suffering, all the surgeries and criticism, that he lasted this long!!!!!!!! I am so devastated, I am so upset, I wished I could have done something about this and maybe MJ would still be alive and be happy!!! If all this criticism wouldn’t have happened MJ would probably have learned to love himself and knew love and maybe he would’ve been healthier and happy and still be alive. Come on he was miserable and in pain, it is so sad that it took him having to DIE for us to realize how important he is, this misery is all caused by CRITICISM!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so upset, I want there to be a class, a lecture, a requirement or something in all schools/jobs, or something to teach everyone to learn to love themselves, because the TV, the Internet, Society has become way to indulged in a certain image and a certain way to look and act, and if you do not have it, you don’t measure up, and if you laugh a certain way or do something different you are weird, but God created us all to be special, all different with unique talents and abilities that make us all special and stand out in the world and lighten it up!!!

    Michael Jackson was a special creature with a great light to shine in this world, all the criticism broke him down and darkened his spirit and burned his light out!!!!!!!! All he needed was love and care to turn his light back on but the world did NOT help! They were selfish and published garbage for money!!! There should be a law against what is published nowadays, MJ’s light went dormant inside of him while he was in turmoil and pain, it is so sad he never knew love, the poor guy. Imagine if we as a society and all the paparazzi learned to be more accepting and learned to be more loving and learned not to criticize or there be a law not allowing garbage and lies to be published in the papers, magazines, TV, Internet, etc and headline banners telling you how you should be, maybe MJ would still be here shining his light on the world and giving us more of his wonderful music that we love and that has touched our hearts and soul. We all remember him when he was at his best, but we hurt him and he hid, imagine if he didn’t hide and was still out there giving us his best, the world would be a truly amazing place and we would be experiencing so much more of his superstardom, but his time was cut short!!! In his time he has done so much and influenced so many, imagine if he were still here? He had a concert coming up on July 13 2009, its so sad it has to be cancelled because I would love to go see him performing again!


    Now the world Mourns for him and The World realizes that he was Human, WHY SO LATE? WHY does he have to be DEAD for us to realize that he is human just like you and me??????? STOP the criticism, it not only hurts, it kills! Maybe The World, WE could’ve sent some encouragement and positive words his way!

    I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON AND I ALWAYS WILL, REST IN PEACE AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU! Sending my regards to your kids and family, God Bless You All!


  3. Jenny says:

    Wow, what a hero. A man who paid off a family who accused him of child molestation. A man who if was innocent would of fought the charges. A man who no one gave the time of day to until he died. A man who because of the way he was brought up, blames his odd behavior on his family and doesn’t man up and take responsibility for his actions. In my book he is a coward.

  4. Fred Grey says:

    At 5:15 am, Thursday, June 25th, 2009, Farrah Fawcett passes away after a long battle with cancer. Shortly after she arrives at the Pearly Gates and meets with Saint Peter.
    Saint Peter said, “Farrah, you are truly an Angel and before you pass through these gates, I offer you one wish.”
    Farrah said, “Saint Peter, I want safety and security for all the children of the world.”

    Three hours later, Michael Jackson is dead.

  5. deb says:

    Fred is that lame joke really necessary? I’m putting a spell on you.

  6. mj fan says:

    Michael Jackson was an phenomenal artist and the Best dancer in the world , no one will be able to come even close to what he had achieved in his Life . Every Song of MJ is My Favorite Song. Rest in Peace “MJ”.”I Love You forever”.He was the best . His music is so pure that I feels like I am in complete different world , in fact I am listening to his music right now while writing this . Now (you are not alone ) Song is going on , I wish just for once in a life time I would have met him , I love you MJ

  7. Nobonita says:

    Oh, I loved Michael Jackson so much! Why did you have to die sweetheart? I love you and your songs! He was a king of pop. I loved him most in the world!

  8. Nobonita says:

    He is a hero! A lover! Sweetie!

  9. OanaZavoranu says:

    Was one of a kind…

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