Ne-Yo: Don’t Complain If You Don’t Vote

In an interview with The Guardian, discussed his support for Democratic presidential candidate of Barack Obama, demonstrated in his track ‘What’s the Matter’, where the Las Vegas native sings, “We keep complaining, but we won’t change, So everything remains the same” – a reference to Barack’s “audacity of hope” platform. “That was a direct jab at people who complain about the shape of the world but didn’t go to vote,” he tells Angus Batey. “I know a lot of cats who wanna blame the fact that they’re not where they wanna be on everybody but themselves. You never wanna understand that you’re the reason you’re in jail, or you’re the reason she left you – it’s not that she’s trippin’; and it’s not ‘the man’ who was sellin’ drugs and got caught.” Read more.

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