Ne-Yo Explains Why He Addressed The Rumors

Radio 538’s Juize welcomed to the studio in Amsterdam, where the singer and producer talked about how he’s able to be so successful, not liking to be isolated and being a people person, not having a specific songwriting method, how he decides what songs to keep and which ones to give to other artists, how he’s been able to write songs for women from their perspective, how ‘The Year of the Gentleman’ doesn’t have to be just 365 days, wanting to continue pushing the envelope in the future, how he feels about his Grammy chances, and speaking out against internet rumors. “I’ve been very passive in all of these situations over the last three years or so,” said of the chatter. “I understand in this business you have to develop a thicker skin because people are gonna talk no matter what the truth is people are gonna feel what they want to feel, think what they wanna think, say what they wanna say. Cool, fine and good. I understand that a hater’s job is to hate. But when people start putting stock into what they’re saying, that’s when something has to happen. So that’s why I spoke out.” Watch the 2-part interview via YouTube below.

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