Ne-Yo Not Happy After Twitter Account Hacked

Ne-Yo in KL

checked in with his Twitter followers (@NeYoCompound), after apparently being hacked and getting false credit for dissing Beyonce. The singer tells readers:

Wow. This is the reason twitter can be dangerous. I’ve clearly been hacked again and whoever did has pissed a lot of people off!

All good. Beyonce’ is a friend of mine. I’m sure she knows I’d never dis her in regard to Irreplaceable or at all for that matter.

Wonderful to know her fans have her back the way they do tho. Say what you will about me, I’ll sleep comfortably tonight regardless…

….But do not allow the ignorance of some let you question my gratitude to those who’ve helped me along the way.

With that said, hackers die slow, haters do your job, homies and fam GO SEE BATTLE:LOS ANGELES!! Goodnight all!!!

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