New Details On Houston’s Eye Injury From K-Sly

K-Sly of 100.3 The Beat in Los Angeles posted a gossip update on ’s condition. She writes, “All this happened while he was in London without any management present. I was informed that his management contract has expired and the parties are not in good standing. ’s security guard, Marco and his DJ, LA’s own Rampage were with him during the trip, but not in the room when the incident happened. I’ve spoken with various sources about the alleged suicide attempt and the self-inflicted wound. Today, DJ Rampage explained to me that never tried to commit suicide. Sources did state that he did stab his eye. Presently, he is not able to see out of the wounded eye and the other one is infected. has been battling spiritually and mentally, to the point where he is unable to control it. He needs support, not fame. He needs prayers, not laughter.”

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