New Jawn’s Juice on Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & KeKe Wyatt

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Jawn has an up-close interview with of Destiny’s Child. Also, news on Blu Cantrell, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Kevin Garnett, , Avant, and Carlos Santana in this week’s Juice. Additionally, Jawn tells you how two of Jennifer Lopez‘s ex-men have moved on! Plus, which actor of a new TV sitcom likes to pay for odd fetishes? All of these stories and so much more in this week’s Juice! Check it out here.

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2 thoughts on “New Jawn’s Juice on Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & KeKe Wyatt

  1. pol says:

    I think that Jennifer Lopez knows that Beyonce is trying to take her crown and that’s funny! I love them both!!

  2. fpl says:

    I think that Beyonce is better then Jennifer Lopez and she is not as stuck up as Jennifer. I really like Beyonce she looks like a down to earth person

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