Nick Cannon Was Openly Unfaithful With Christina Milian

Nick Cannon spoke with Complex magazine about MTV scrubbing the N-word on ‘Wild ‘N Out’, rumors that he has sex tapes making the rounds, and what doomed his relationship with . On the latter subject, Cannon said, “I think she probably expected more from me than I was willing to give her, than I ever said I was going to give her. In the media, we were always saying we were friends, but technically we were probably more than that, and I took advantage of the situation more than I should have.” But the rapper/actor insisted he wasn’t caught cheating. “I wasn’t hiding nothin’,” he insisted. “When she did ask, ‘Were you hanging out with women?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ It wasn’t like, ‘You caught me!’ It was like, ‘I thought you knew’.” Read more.

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