Nivea On TRL Friday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk about her self-titled album and perform her hit ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’. Read on for the brief transcript.

TRL: now I’m going to bring out my next guest all over T.V. And roop
lately telling people “don’t mess with her man” an she is here to perform
it live please give it up for nivea.


TRL: Hey.

Nivea: Hey.

Nivea: How you doin’ how you doin’.

TRL: I’m Good. I’m good this is pretty big, pretty big for you.

Nivea: This is very big for me.

TRL: First time on trl.

Nivea: First time on trl.

TRL: How does it feel.

Nivea: Excited man energy in here they are like happy.

TRL: Your fan base has grown quick right.

Nivea: Real quick.

TRL: You came on the scene and if a 2-year-old do’s pretty damn good
for yourself.

Nivea: — If i may say so myself. Thank you.

TRL: Though doubt. Was there a moment growin’ up I’m going to be a singer.

Nivea: When i was years old watchin’ mariah carey on the arsenio hall
show singin’ “vision of love” i was like —

TRL: Did you think you would make it this far.

Nivea: Not at all. I was super-super-child when i was about 1 years
old watchin’ aaliyah, we were about the same thing i was like maybe i can
do it. This looks cool. I’ve been doin’ it since then.

TRL: Yeah, just cool.

Nivea: Maybe i can do it.

TRL: Maybe better than cool you see all these people out here.

Nivea: Awesome. This is crazy hi, they’re wavein’ ha-ha.

TRL: Let’s talk about your debut album self-titled.

Nivea: In stores already, go get that “self-titled “nivea” yeah


TRL: What i find interesting you did a lot co-writing on it.

Nivea: I wrote or co-write five of the songs.

TRL: A lot of young artists tend to let the creative stuff be done by
the producer.

Nivea: — My manager

[Inaud] Like made sure you have to write you need to do that and then
i got into it and a young age, about 16 years old and I’ve been doin’ it
since then.

Is good because it helps me be me, you know, while I’m doin’ my songs
and stuff, yeah


TRL: For sure you are going to do one of your biggest songs so far after
our next request which is sum 1 for you, “still waiting” at no. 5


TRL: There goes sum 41 at no. 5 “still waiting” it was 8 yesterday.
I think it is time for some live music, don’t you think? Yes off herself-titled
debut album performing “don’t mess with my man” give it up for nivea!

[Cheering] Thank you!


Nivea: Thank you!

TRL: — Everybody. “Don’t mess with my man”.

Nivea: Nivea thanks for performin’ for us.

TRL: Thanks for havin’ me that’s right in stores now go get it.

Nivea: Yes, go get it!

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