Nivea Responds To ‘Nasty Attitude’ Forum Posting

Someone claiming to be (the forum admin didn’t question her authenticity) has posted angry responses to a forum member on questioning the singer’s “nasty attitude”. She responded, “Sweetheart! If you dont like me WHY post something on the board that’s for my true fans. It looks to me that you really keep up with me and my attitude! And you can take this any way you wish because wakes up every morning, noon, and night thanking God for my blessing. Sorry to tell you this but my CD did very well and this statement is with an attitude.” In a later response, the poster claiming to be could find herself in the same controversy with the gay community Beyonce Knowles recently found herself in after saying, “Wow there you go again keeping up with me! Hmm… you must be gay? Or maybe you’re a stalker because you so busy checking on me you poor thing! Find yourself a hobby soon because you gonna end up in the mental ward trying to keep up with me.”

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