NME Records Sign Lauren

After weeks of screening and showcasing some of the music industry’s
most sought-after unsigned talent, independent powerhouse NME Records has
signed R&B/pop singing sensation lauren, an extraordinary vocalist
who has been wooed by several majors.

“This is exciting,” says NME A&R Consultant Kim “K Smiles” Smith,
who brought lauren to the label. “lauren is an amazing talent, an amazing
young woman. She’s sexy, she’s feisty and she can sing her butt off!”

The 22 year-old lauren, a native of Shelby, North Carolina who resides
in Atlanta, says “I am thrilled to be signed to NME Records. For some time
now I have been searching for a label that is as daring and edgy as I am,
somebody that could not just take me to the next level but thrust me way
up beyond my wildest dreams. I think I’ve found that with NME. These folks
are out-of-the-box thinkers and doers. We’re gonna get into a lotta trouble
together,” she adds. “Good trouble.”

The former Jive and Interscope recording artist is known throughout
music industry circles for her five-octave range and her dynamic personality.
“This is no goody-two-shoes, bubble gum teenybopper,” says Smith. “lauren
is bold, outspoken, unpredictable and very, very creative. She’s a diva
for sure.”

Smith said she and the label have already begun touting top producers
to work on lauren’s release, which is slated for first quarter of 2004.
“We’ve identified some producers and we’re looking for others. We have
to take our time and match her with the right producers, someone who can
harness her personal and creative passion, someone who can match her fire.”

Plans are already underway for an elaborate and edgy marketing campaign
to set up lauren’s debut release. “It’s going to be creativity at its best,”
says Smith of the campaign. “Like lauren, we’re going to push the envelope
and raise some eyebrows.”

lauren was introduced to NME during the label’s first Atlanta showcase
last month. “Everyone liked her immediately,” says Smith. “Right away they
saw the power and potential that I’ve seen in her over the past six years.”

A former A&R Director for Pebbles’ Savvy Records, Smith first met
lauren when she was assigned to A&R her album for the label. 
“I must be destined to work with lauren,” Smith says, “because I A&R’d
her first project and I now have the opportunity to work with her again. 
It’s even more exciting this time around because she has matured vocally
and personally.  When I met her she was only 16 years old and now
she’s 22 with so much more experience to sing about.”

As the label begins to map out plans for lauren, Smith says two other
acts who participated in the Atlanta showcases are in negotiations. “We’re
going to have a full plate for the next few months,” she said. “It’s gonna
be a hot, hot summer at NME Records.”

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