No Competition Between Akon And T-Pain

Akon sitting on stairs

Kevin Nottingham spoke with in a Q&A, asking the singer about comparisons he gets with and if there’s any competition between the two friends. “Within me and ? Far from competition,” responded. “Anything I can do to make sure that he precedes me, I do that. My goal was always to make sure any artist attached to me was larger than me. That’s why we put all of our energy into Pain the way we do it; allow him to grow and be his own man and to build his own empire from [Digital record label] Nappy Boy to everything else that he’s doing. It’s always been a situation where, you know, I never pigeon-held any of the artist that were signed to Konvict. I want them to be able to expand, grow out, become their own person, you know, have your own identity. That’s why I never hugged over him or stamped him so hard to a point where you get him and the brand mixed up, you know. But, I’ve been extremely proud of him for what he’s accomplished to this point, what he’s going through and what he’s about to do. I mean, it’s incredible to have him be the first artist, and represent the Konvict movement as thoroughly as he did. It’s a proud moment for anybody to have an artist, any record company to have an artist like T-Pain who’s probably representing and doing his thing to a level to where we could proudly say he’s a Konvict artist. There’s definitely no competition whatsoever; it’s our sound. This is what we do; we just blend it out for everybody else to enjoy it as well.” Check out the entire interview here.

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