NSoul Sheds Truth On The 3LW Vs. Naturi Battle

’s official forum moderator NSoul, who was on the phone with Naturi during the infamous KFC incident, has spoken out against the latest lawsuit and allegations from departed member Naturi Naughton. NSoul (aka Chris) writes, “I’m sorry ya’ll.. but I just wanna take this time to let ya’ll in on some truth to this whole Naturi issue. A lot of ya’ll have PMed me and asked what was going on and wanted my side of the story. Well the reason I been holding back is cause I didn’t want to get involved. But I can’t just sit back and let my girls Kiely, Adrienne, Michelle, and Tse be looked at in the public as bad guys. Naturi has a lot of people in brainwashed by sympathy for no damn reason but her own benefit. If you look at the stories that came out you can put the truth together on your own, and you can also notice that Naturi has changed her story a few times and it just doesn’t fit well. I’m not trying to turn ya’ll against Naturi, I won’t stoop to her level.. But it’s like, let’s be serious for a minute. Naturi is trying to end 3LW, she is trying to make sure that 3LW doesn’t do another album and is trying to cease ‘A Girl Can Mack’. She doesn’t want the album to come out cause she knows the Truth is shown on the album.”

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