NY Post: Aaliyah Shouted At Pilot To Load Up/Get Going

The New York Post is reporting witnesses at the Marsh Harbour airport saw members of ’s entourage and the singer herself pressured the plane’s pilot to take off despite his protests.

Owen Gassaway tells the Post “Witnesses say Aaliyah was in a hurry to get back to New York. She and the others were shouting at Morales to load up and get going so they could make connections in Miami to fly on to New York and California.”

Gassaway also revealed that when the plane was booked, Aaliyah’s crew told the plane’s owner, Gilbert Chacon, that only 5 passengers needed to be picked up, not 8.

The Lantana Airport manager says, “With five passengers, everything would have been fine.”

As to reports the pilot was not skilled to fly the Cessna, Gassaway stated, “There’s no way Gil would have let someone fly that plane who wasn’t qualified. It was in superb condition, with two new engines and a paint job.”

Family members of the victims have wasted no time in prepping legal action as family members of some of the victims have already hired lawyers.

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