Olivia Ain’t Better Than Ashanti

Contributed Anonymously:

swears she is the junk now because she is part of G-Unit. 50 Cent swears that can knock out the way. But then again is only getting recognition because she is part of one of the baddest labels around with some of the hottest artist around who can make almost anyone drop a record today and then make it one of the biggest hit songs at the end of the week. ain’t nothing. We all remember that song she came out with “Bizzounce” That flopped like crazy. IT flopped so bad that her label flopped her ass right back to the streets she came from.

It’s sad that she trying to come out dissing every other female artist especially Ashanti thinking she is the *****. But then again if 50 Cent didn’t want to take her in Olivia would probably still be working at Wal-Mart making that $5.15 an hour money. When Ashanti came out she has been making hit songs from left to right. She might not can’t dance and her voice might not be the strongest and pleasant voice around and she might not be the biggest threat to other female artist but Ashanti can stomp all over Olivia and still takes that chick’s money. It’s a shame that people like 50 cent gotta bash other artists just to sell.

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