Omarion Bolts B2K? Remaining Members Bolt Chris Stokes

A poster named CaRaMeLgurl23 on ’s forum at Sony Music is claiming that she spoke with Mario’s father about the breakup talk, and it sounds like isn’t in the hospital, and perhaps the remaining members left Chris Stokes and signed on with CMX. She writes, “Ok so Big Ricky just called for business purposes (I work with him and Little Ricky) and I mentioned all the rumors that were going on and everything. He said that the media was just full of negative propaganda right now and that a press release will be out next week explaining almost everything (he did say almost everything) that’s going on. They did sign under new management in Vegas (I told you they were in Vegas on New Years for Little Ricky’s party instead of the concert but noooooooooooooo… No one wanted to hear that). And Big Ricky is pretty happy that Chris is gone. The reason Omari isn’t in the picture is because ‘Omari’s doing his own thing right now’. That, I have no further explanation for.”

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