Omarion & Bow Wow Explain The Toure Incident caught up with Bow Wow and former B2K star to explain the Toure incident. “Basically what I tell people is when you step into an interview with 50 or Game or Jay, these are respected guys in the industry, that have been successful and has been in the game for a long time,” Omari explained. “Because we come in as kids and now stepping into adult era, some people don’t give us the respect that men should get. That was one of the situations that Bow displayed, I wouldn’t say an irrational way, but most people would be upset about feeling disrespected. That’s how Bow is, that’s his personality. I’m a little bit more easygoing but I still don’t take disrespect from nobody. That was just a situation we had to walk away from.” YouTube has since removed the video.

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