Online Chat With B5’s Kelly And Brian

Kelly and Bryan Breeding from the sibling R&B group took part in an online chat with fans at on Wednesday (December 5). Asked what the guys dislike the most about being famous, Kelly responded, “I mean, just the privacy issue thing. That’s like the main thing. People don’t respect your privacy that much, they just do whatever. Everywhere you go… it’s not a big deal, but sometimes you can’t like go and see a movie, hang out with friends because people come up to you all the time and want to talk to you for hours. I’m like, ‘I just want to hang out with my people, you know?’ It’s not that big of a deal though.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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86 thoughts on “Online Chat With B5’s Kelly And Brian

  1. Jamary says:

    What’s up b5 my sister is crazy about you guys

  2. Nikeshia says:

    Hey what’s up I am Nikeshia I think y’all are cool y’all are very talented continue doing your thing I am 17 years of age turning 18 November 30 I am a Guyanese but I live in Antigua.

  3. kelsey says:

    I love Kelly.

  4. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Kelly and Bryan how are you doing?

  5. brayn fan says:

    Hey Bryan what are you doing? I just want to stay hi and I want to be your future wifey. I live in Harlem, NY

  6. shay says:

    Hey what up showing peace, love, and support. Holler at me later. BYE

  7. dallas says:

    I love Bryan

  8. deedee says:

    What’s good? This is Deedee. I just wanted to say that I love you guys. But I MOST DEFINITELY think that Bryan should get at me. lmao! I am Puerto Rican, but am currently living in Springfield Massachusetts. I’ve ALWAYS been into you guys, so yeah. I am 14, just so you know. I got a MySpace if you wanna hit me up.

  9. Quiana says:

    Hey Bryan, Kelly, Dustin what’s up my name is Quiana I just wanna say I love your music and I think you three are very cute if you guys need to holler at me.

  10. tay tay says:

    Hey Kelly I love you, your so sexy, I’m your biggest fan, you don’t even know boo

  11. keri says:

    Hey b5 you all have great voices
    I love you. I love you Bryan

  12. Domincque says:

    Hi I am Domincque and I am here just to say that I would love if Dustin and Patrick would sing at my birthday on October 19. Please with a cherry on up. That would make me the happiest girl on earth that day. Love ya

  13. synteria says:

    Hi b5 you guys are the greatest I love y’all so much that I want to marry all of y’all well my name is Synteria a.k.a Toot. Holler!

  14. Mz.BryansBabyGurl says:

    Hey Bryan this your girl Nyya and I called you before and you are really hot and I wish I can see you more often in my life and when you were little I used to always stare at your pictures lol and now that you and me are older than before we can be friends and talk to each other more and now that I’m here I can talk to you and if you know that song 7 Things by Miley Cyrus I know the 7 Things about you 1. your totally hot 2. I like your freckles 3. I love your smile 4. I love your feet lol they are cute haha 5. I need you around 6. I’m going to have your baby 7. I think I just fell in love with you. These are the 7 things I can think of about you lol love you Bryan and the others

  15. Mz.BryansBabyGurl says:

    Hey Bryan this is Nyya I would give you my number and on I saw one of your fans was trying to kiss you and you might now remember her but if you don’t (she was white) sorry about that to her but I would of tried to kiss you too but you were dodging her face I won’t tell anyone (LIPS SEALED)!!

  16. Mz.BryansBabyGurl says:

    Well its me again about that other comment how can I not tell anyone but its on the internet uh oh!!! Well I watched Hannah Montana the other day and Miley is so funny she was 16 years old dating an 11 year old so later in the show she was like “What’s Jake going to say next” “I can already see it coming” “Hey Miley, what are you and Willa is going to do tomorrow “How about a hot date on the teeter totter” lol

  17. jazzy2 says:

    Omg I love Brian so much I am crazy about him I swear I cry everyday because I want to see him so badly:) I know its stupid but I love all you guys and wish you the best on all your music but I can’t help but think about Brian all day!!!! Love You so much Brian!!! I love you Brian!!! Love you again!!!!

  18. Tatianna says:

    Hey Brian what’s it do? I have been missing y’all music and when are y’all coming back out?

  19. Tatianna says:

    What’s up again boys? Man I really miss y’all songs so much and I cant wait to for y’all to com back. But anyways I really want to meet y’all so bad or at least get to talk to y’all. Bye boys

  20. Shayla says:


  21. Lakeshia says:


  22. Lakeshia says:

    Let me tell you about my weird Dream okay here go’s I was on a Date with Dustin and when he said the sweetest thing to me my ex-boyfriend showed up and then Dustin asked me who is this this I said he’s my ex boyfriend that want leave me alone were over you don’t have to worry about anything and my ex stayed on the date it was awkward and Dustin kept looking at me because he was still here so I told my ex you need to leave so just go and then me and Dustin got on with our date so it wasn’t awkward anymore and Dustin think god he’s gone away from you I know didn’t you think that was a weird dream with Dustin and you Ex in there? That’s my story like it Kelly?

  23. Lakeshia says:

    And then I had another dream about me and him dating and he’s ex Girlfriend Kim Lee was giving me the steak eye because I was dating her ex Boyfriend but I didn’t care really because we weren’t friend’s at all.

  24. Lakeshia says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Bryan!

  25. Lakeshia says:

    My Birthday was August 3rd.

  26. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Kelly and Bryan what’s up.

  27. Patrick's girl says:

    Hey Patrick I’m Tiffany and I’m 19
    What’s your phone #

  28. KELLYZGURL09 says:

    Kelly I love you so much!!!! And you are so damn sexy!

  29. kelly boo says:

    What’s up Kelly it’s yo baby I heard you had a girlfriend if you want her to get her ass beat keep on playing with my besty because she come back and tell me everything you say bout having a girlfriend.

  30. kelly boo says:

    kellyzgurl09 you better back the hell up off my man’s dick

  31. ronique says:

    I love b5 so much their cute talented and their 5 of them peace love b5

  32. kelly boo says:

    Ha me again I’ve been missing you like crazy call me so we can talk

  33. BRECutieL says:

    Hi. I really don’t have much to say I love y’all ,so much!!!!! Patrick Owen Breeding, I’m your biggest fan!!!!! I’m from Mississippi so y’all come down and visit sometime. See y’all later!!! I’m out!!! Peace!!!!! ;>)

  34. kelly boo says:

    Ha just got my hair done call me so we can talk about what you said to Patrick’s girlfriend about breaking up will me over some stupid sh**

  35. kelly boo says:

    My boo Kelly is like the sexiest man in the world. If you want to talk to me you know where to find me just call Patrick’s girlfriend so we can talk.

  36. chanelle says:

    hi b5, you guys are so cute

  37. chanelle says:

    I fell in love with all your songs mostly all I do

  38. jfergie says:

    OMG its b5 they are my life,all day I cant get over them!! I think about them 24/7 it just don’t make no sense to I LOVE Y’ALL don’t 4 get that keep it n mind what ever you do!! Don’t forget this number 14#

  39. jfergie says:

    OMG its b5!! I love them so much I think about them all day it just don’t make no sense to I love them all day every day. Don’t forget this you girl number 14 I’m 14 don’t forget that keep that in mind, hope you can come holler at your girl Jfergie its me come holler!

  40. keke says:

    hi b5 you guys rock

  41. keke says:

    Hey big fan love your music waiting for the next CD to come out

  42. ShaN BaN says:

    They’re coming out soon.
    working on the album now.
    Things are getting better.
    new look, new name, and way better sound.
    Don’t ask how I know… I KNOW. (wink)

  43. That Lindsey Gurl says:

    What’s up? Loving what y’all are doing. Keep ya head up an keep giving your haters something to hate. Y’all are great and mean the world to me! Hit me up on the “MY” or e-mail me. Love ya

  44. DAY DAY says:


  45. alexis says:

    Yea what those people said
    sand I love you Brian you are so sexy and you need to be mines and when you read this you will be so jealous and you want me talk to me baby

  46. kim says:

    You are sexy. I want to kiss you so badly.

  47. mrs,bryan says:

    I think you are so cute. I really wish we could talk.

  48. johnetta robinson says:

    Hey what’s up with ya number one fan Johnetta

  49. cindy says:

    Kelly I love you in still do.

  50. mrs.byranbreeding says:

    I love b5 so much. My favorite b5 members are Dustin, Bryan, Carnell and Patrick. But I still love you guys. I hope you have a good labor day. Dustin you are so sexy. I will turned 12 next February the 2nd.

  51. mrs.byranbreeding says:

    I mean I’m turning 13. I know you guys don’t date preteens but I will date Dustin, Carnell, Bryan, or Patrick. My cousin Neisha loves you Patrick. I love you b5.

  52. Shanatra says:

    Hope you guys are coming out with more songs so I can download to my iPod. I’m a big fan but I wouldn’t go to crazy if I saw y’all in person, cant make a fool of myself.

  53. alexandria rodriguez aka carnellwife4evr says:

    Want to say that I love you guys xoxox
    love you Carnell forever

  54. cherry says:

    Hey just wanted to say hi to Kelly an love you more every time we talk…!!!!

  55. Tatiana says:

    Hey email me and I love all of you

  56. sineekabissant says:

    I am from New Orleans and I am a huge fan I wanna know how you manage your career and high school

  57. CIAH says:

    I love you Kelly can I have your number please.

  58. camirea says:

    Hey Patrick

  59. mrs.patrick owen breeding says:

    What’s up Bryan? I love you

  60. tange says:

    Hey Bryan

  61. Clariss says:

    I love your music and Kelly and Dustin are sexy.

  62. Jay says:

    Can you come to my school Weems Academy 3/4/11 11:00
    To: b5 From: Jay I love you b5 Text me Jay

  63. Makayla says:

    Hey Carnell I’m 19 if u wanna
    Text me

  64. tamra woods says:

    bryan hi Im a lead street dancer for a gang called 41o. I was wondering if you could come to Abingdon VA. to sing with us. I’m 13 the leader is my cousin Raqon Jordan. Just don’t use this email because its my granny’s. got a Question how in the world do you think Michel Jackson died? Got to go me and my cousins are trying to watch the Steelers kick some but on Packers. if you do come being 13 as in myself going to EB Stanly middle is so fun. mostly because I never have any how. lol. but um call later or something because there might be a street fight going on between my 16 year old X boy friend and my bro. now I’m just a girl in a quiet life. yay! see ya I’m out lol.

  65. tamra woods says:

    yo this is Tamra again just to say whats up guess what I’m getting a hole crowd full to night, and also as in my address is having a hole party just to celebrate out favorite boy band b5. see ya love Tamra

  66. charmaine bell says:


  67. Kyla says:

    Hi Bryan my name is Kyla I am 15 years old and I just wanted to say I think you are VERY CUTE!!!!!

  68. BEBAMARIEE says:


  69. Frankie says:

    u guys are my favorite singers. i luv each and every one of u. when ever i listen to your music i feel like your only singing to me and for me.Eachday i always have to listen to atleast one of your songs.To be honest my favorite song that u guys ever sang was hydrolics.i admire your indivisuajity selfconfidance and respect that you guys have for youselfs, and your dance moves. i have the biggest crush on all of u bryan espeacily and it might take me a while to get over it a hundred years maybe. ok just wanted to get that off of my chest luv u guys so much bye!

  70. Frankie says:

    btw i hope i get a chance to meet you guys someday ok im done now luve each and every one of you bye.

  71. janice says:

    I love carnell so much he’s my everything

  72. rayana says:

    Hi my name is Rayana remember me and do you remember Shantell I can’t believe you cheat on me I love you Bryan to death but you cheat on me call me. All these girls love you and saying you are hot. Really Bryan I want you to come on my birthday my birthday is August 2 and want you to kiss me love you and I still hate you and I want you to say I am sorry bye

  73. CHELSEA says:

    hey my name is chelsea i love yove you patrick

  74. CHELSEA says:

    i love ypu you patrick and i am 22

  75. diamond says:

    Hay I love you

  76. leayah says:

    Hey b5 love you

  77. ashley says:

    I want to date byran i love him

  78. Janaya says:

    Hey b5

  79. Janaya says:

    I’m problay the only one on this website but whatever

  80. Keanu Keandra Winters says:

    I Love U Guys.!I Know I’m Late Doing This But Just Found The Site. so. Yea. Well, I Like Yr Music Its Fun,Sexy,Calm. I Love All Of U!Im BIG FAN GIRl! Lovez! An Hugs!KEEP DOING YR THING!

  81. Keanu Keandra Winters says:


  82. Timiyah says:

    Hey what’s up Kelly and Brian I love your song s and the rest of the group I

    Specially love yah song say yes

  83. Nikinda Joseph says:

    I like you carnell your cute and handsome. Patrick your special nice dustin ,kelly and your hot guys. Carnell i like you so much.

  84. Nikinda Joseph says:

    Carnell your: cuter ,hotter,you have a cute face

  85. shaqueena says:

    Hi I wil like to be a singer I an no what to do

  86. sarah holt says:

    i love bryan and you are soooooooo cute

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