Oprah Hopes Chris Brown “Gets The Counseling He Needs”

Oprah Winfrey is responding to ’s recent comments to People magazine, where he said the talk show queen slapped him in the face by doing a show on abuse inspired by Chris’ assault of then girlfriend Rihanna, since he performed at her school in Africa. A rep for Oprah told TMZ:

Oprah is very appreciative that Chris Brown performed at her school but she takes domestic abuse very seriously. She hopes he gets the counseling he needs.

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One thought on “Oprah Hopes Chris Brown “Gets The Counseling He Needs”

  1. Brian says:

    Oprah doesn’t owe Chris Brown anything. He made the mistake of hitting Rihanna. Oprah did a show on domestic violence because that was what people was talking about. So was a lot of talk shows. Chris, you were better off just saying your sorry and leave it at that. The more you have been talking, the more stupid you sound.

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