‘A Funk Odyssey’ US Weekly’s Best of the Week

Jamiroquai 'A Funk Odyssey'

US Weekly has a short review of Jamiroquai’s new album, ‘A Funk Odyssey’ and call it “Near-perfect pop-funk escapism” giving it 3 1/2 stars.

Tom Moon says, “A Funk Odyssey is packed with urgent, grabby melodies, the kind pop radio is missing right now.”

Mary J. Blige Keeps Pop From Proper Burial

The Globe is reporting a man who claims to be the father of Mary J. Blige, Marvin E. Williams, has been sitting on a morgue slab for over a month because Mary nor her sister LaTonya refuse to sign the next-of-kin release to get him a proper burial.

New Flo Anthony Column Up

Flo Anthony has info from the 7th annual Lady of Soul Awards at the Santa Monica last week. Flo talked to Blu Cantrell about the Aaliyah tragedy who admitted, “It touched home. She’ll always be a beautiful girl. Both of her hairdressers were my hairdressers. In fact, one of them was supposed to be doing my hair today.”

Sunshine Anderson also denied rumors that she was dumping Macy Gray as her manager.

The column at floanthony.com has since been removed.

Alicia Keys Wins Best New Artist @ VMAs

Alicia Keys won Best New Artist at the Video Music Awards last night in New York. A flustered Alicia told the crowd, “I’m trying to be cool y’all. I don’t even know how to stand at the podium, y’all carrying on. All right! I barely know what to say.”

“Thank you to god of course, always first and foremost. Thank you to all of y’all out here, over there, up there. Thank you to MTV for your support. Thank you to everybody for your support. It’s unbelievable. Thank you to — thank you. Thank you to Jeff Robinson and MBK (Entertainment) for long years and holding me down. To Carry brothers. My mom, holding me down. Thank you to everybody who put all the work into this. Mr. Clive Davis, the record family. Thank you. Thank you. All right. I guess I should wrap it up. But thank you. I mean, my goodness. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

Full Transcript of Aaliyah VMA Tribute

Janet Jackson opened the Video Music Awards tribute to Aaliyah telling the audience Thursday, “I was speaking with Aaliyah shortly after her grandmother passed away. We talked about how much she loved her and how much she missed her grandmother. And as I listened to Aaliyah, I was very touched by her sincerity, by her strength, and by her love.”

Aaliyah’s Matrix Scenes Cut, Eva Mendes Likely Replacement

MTVasia is reporting that Aaliyah’s scenes in the sequel to The Matrix, where she played the role of Zee, have been cut out.

Most of Aaliyah’s scenes in the film had yet to be shot, thus keeping her character was not possible. The leading actress said to get the nod as her replacement is Exit Wounds star Eva Mendes.

Pink Celebrates 22nd Birthday Early

WireImage.com has photos of Pink’s 22nd birthday party in New York on Wednesday ahead of the Video Music Awards tonight. Pink’s actually b-day is September 8th.

Lil’ Kim and Blu Cantrell joined the bash as well. Check the photos out here.

Usher, Faith Evans, Macy Gray at P. Diddy Party

WireImage.com has photos of several musicians who showed up for P. Diddy’s party in New York.

The “P. Diddy & the Bad Boy Family… The Saga Continues” party drew R&B aritsts Usher, Faith Evans, and Macy Gray. Check out the pictures here.